Uber Driver Detained After Super Bowl Based On DUI

Uber Driver Detained After Super Bowl Based On DUI

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Driver Detained, Drunk Driver |

Authorities report that Uber driver was arrested when he was on his way to pick up a passenger, right after the Super Bowl.

The arrest took place in Simi Valley because the driver was suspected to be driving under influence.

Uber driver, Robert Wing, age of 42, was arrested on Monday at 2 a.m. under suspicion that he is drunk driving. Police state that his level of alcohol in the blood was 0.25%.

While he was working he was watching a game in the local bar and in between picking up the customers. He picked up few customers and dropped them off and he was on his way to pick up some more. When the police stopped him, he couldn’t determine his exact location and he was relying on GPS to help him and to guide him through.
When police officer conducted an investigation, they found in his car two empty cans of beer. One was under passenger’s seat and the other was under driver’s seat. Wing was taken to Ventura County Jail and his car was taken from him.
Company Uber released a statement that they have zero tolerance against the use of alcohol and drugs. They stated that they were disappointed to hear such a news and they revoked partnership with a driver permanently.

Penalties for driving under influence by the law of California state is punishable in these cases:

First offenses: driver has to attend 3 to 9 months’ alcohol or drug program, fine is between 390 and 1000 dollars and license will be suspended for 6 or 10 months.

The driver is obligated to install Ignition Interlock Device.
Second offense: required attendance at 3, 6 or 9 months at drug or alcohol program, fine can be between 390 and 1000 dollars and possible jail time from 10 days up to one year. Drivers are required to install Ignition Interlock Device for a period of three years.

Third offense: from 120 days to one-year possible jail time, a fine between 390 and 1000 dollars, license can be revoked up to ten years. But with an assistance of good site over here, these offenses can be reduced.

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