Susan Hunt Detained For Driving Under Influence

Susan Hunt Detained For Driving Under Influence

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Susan Hunt caught the public eye in 2014 when he son was shot and killed by the police. Last Tuesday, she had another problem with the law in Tooele County. Based on police records from Utah Highway Patrol, she was drunk driving in the last Tuesday and nearly collided with a police officer.


Hunt bumped into the police officer and they stated that she was all over the road. She was charged with class B misdemeanor, which involves reckless driving, driving under the influence, driving on the wrong side of the road and for disorderly conduct.

The police officer tried to alarm her with the lights as she was approaching to him, but she wasn’t stopping and she barely missed the collision.
When police officers managed to stop her, they noticed her eyes were red, swollen and they could smell alcohol. On the passenger’s floor, they noticed an open can of alcohol.
When they asked her to exit the vehicle, she started calling them evil and made crude sexual remarks. When Hunt finally left the car, she was transported to the hospital and the level of alcohol in her blood has not been known yet.
Her son was shot and killed on September the 10th in 2014 after he tried to hurt police officers using a sword against them.
Allegedly, navigate to this web-site was asked to take participation into the case.


In November 2014, she had another trouble with a law after she assaulted police officer who was doing his job on a separate traffic stop.

Regarding the latest case, her charges for a misdemeanor would be dismissed if she doesn’t violate further laws and submits herself to grief counseling. The charges are not released yet.
She is currently battling with Saratoga Springs and police department in a federal lawsuit.

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