Driver Under Influence Hit Hernando Deputy

Driver Under Influence Hit Hernando Deputy

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In Spring Hill on Tuesday, an accident occurred when Hernando County sheriff deputy was hurt by a drunk driver. Sheriff’s Office stated that deputy was taken to the hospital.

Deputy Brian Smith was driving his patrol car on the Spring Hill Drive when Toyota Corolla hit him proximally at 2:15 p.m. Driver of Toyota is Jeannine Bruno, age of 43, residence Spring Hill. She hit deputy’s left rear wheel.

A witness, who was there at the time of the accident on Spring Hill Drive, states that Toyota was going faster than 100 mph and when she entered the curve she lost the control over the car. Deputy suffered minor injuries and was rescued by the Hernando Country Fire Rescue.

Police officers who were questioning Bruno noticed that she smelled of alcohol, she couldn’t keep balance and her eyes were red. Alcohol blood test showed that she had .121% and by the law of Florida state the legal limit is .08%.
Bruno was familiar to the police because she had seven offenses and her license has been revoked once. She admitted using large amounts of medication before the accident.
She didn’t suffer any injuries, but she was charged with a drunk driving, drunk driving that includes property damage and personal injury and she was driving with suspended and revoked license. Her bail was set on Wednesday, $10,000 and she was detained at the Hernando County Detention Center.

Florida penalties are severe regarding driving under influence, it includes jail, license suspension, monetary fines, community service, DUI school, revocation of the car, installation of the device that has to stay there for one year and track the driver’s movement.

Across the state, for example in California, penalties are slightly milder, and with the help of good find out more, the punishment and sentence can be reduced.

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